Sunday, November 17, 2013

Stormy Hues

This week was a hectic one filled with stress, uncertainty and lots of worrying. Of course it is Sunday and the start of a whole new week and potentially a whole new life. I just finalized my move back to New York City and secured an apartment on the Upper West Side with some friends. All the stress has lifted and now I can focus on what is really I will decorate my room in the apartment.

Recently, I have been drawn to grey tones and accents of teal. Imagine a stormy sea on a gloomy day somewhere far from land. I want to incorporate shades of grey, stormy blues and black accents in my new room without being too dark and overbearing. This will propose a challenge, and I am very much up for it. Above are some inspirational pictures all via Pinterest that I will be looking towards as I pick out the final decor for my New York apartment.

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  1. It's so awesome you are moving to New York! I just followed you and loved reading about your California adventures and you interning for Free people! I'm excited to see what you are up to next :)